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thomas lackie

Tom offers nutrition coaching:

Customized macros based on your goals

Weekly check-ins

Suitable for bodybuilding or powerlifting meet prep, or general weight-loss or performance goals


Thomas is an amateur bodybuilder with a bachelor's degree in dietetics, and his masters degree from the University of Memphis in Nutrition Science.


Thomas served in the Marine Corps for 4 years before receiving an honorable discharge in 2015. After his military service, Thomas followed his passion for bodybuilding, nutrition, and the pursuit of knowledge. To that end, he has competed in bodybuilding competitions while making contributions to published scientific literature under Dr. Zhang.


Since 2016, Thomas has been working alongside Justin Harris to assist clients in reaching their goals while also competing and pursuing higher education. As a result of his educational background and firsthand experience as a lifter, Thomas provides a unique coaching experience that utilizes a scientific and studied approach to bodybuilding.

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