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At Strength Empire Memphis, you'll find top of the line equipment in a climate controlled, 24-hour access space.

  • Over 3200lbs of Rogue calibrated pound plates

  • Monolift

  • 2 Competition ER combo racks - Rogue & State of the Arc

  • Competition bench 

  • Several racks with pull-up bars

  • Deadlift platform

  • Various specialty bars, including the Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar, Kabuki Trap bar, Kadillac Bar, and Duffalo Bar, Safety Squat bars, Cambered bar, and Axle bars

  • Texas Power Bars, Squat, and Deadlift bars

  • Rogue Belt Squat

  • Sorinex Frankenhyper machine

  • Sorinex Lat Pull-Low Row

  • Sorinex Leg Extension/Curl machine

  • Pendulum Squat Machine

  • Dumbbells from 5-150lbs

  • Adjustable benches

  • Elitefts 45 degree back extension

  • Adjustable box & plyo box

  • Cable tower and attachments

  • Plenty of chalk, bands, and chains to fit your needs

Check out our Virtual gym tour!
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