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brooke saunders

Brooke began her journey into health and the gym when she was 260lb. Within her first year in the gym, she lost 80lb and fell in love with the gym – even changing her major to exercise science.


She began powerlifting and has now competed in four powerlifting meets. She is still chasing large competitive goals in the sport. Brooke graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors distinction from the University of Memphis, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Exercise, Sport, and Movement Science.


Having a personal background with being in a client’s shoes, extreme weight loss, mindset evolution, and a formal educational background, Brooke stives to share her knowledge and experience with others to help them supersede their goals.

Brooke offers a variety of training options:

One-on-one personal training sessions

Customized powerlifting coaching

1-on-1 technique sessions for squat, bench, or deadlift

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